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Secondary Credit Number (SCN/CPN)


An Overview of SECONDARY CREDIT NUMBERS (SCN/CPN) A Secondary Credit Number is a privately-issued number that can be used in place of your Social Security Number, when applying for credit or in any situation were an SSN is required for a transaction. It is completely legal to substitute an SCN for your SSN, provided you fully disclose to all parties ... Read More »

How to get credit if your credit history is spoiled


If your credit history is spoiled for some reasons, don’t despair. Yes, some banks will refuse to give you a credit in the next time, but it doesn’t mean that nobody will lend you money at all. We will tell you of crediting methods for problematic people. Who are problematic money-lenders? Problematic money lenders are people who have been under ... Read More »

5 Unexpected Reasons For Refusal In Credit


“The bank has the right to refuse in credit without explaining its reasons”, – this phrase can be seen in many booklets which advertise credits as well as on websites of most banks. And it is really so. After you have been sent back you are either to live with this or to go to other credit company hoping that ... Read More »

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