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If you are tired of being denied then we can help you get the things you want and need while you still build your SS# credit. Stop weighing yourself down, let us help you!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! We pride ourselves in consulting clients to get on the right track because we know how hard it is to do it without the proper knowledge. With that said, let;s get some of the obvious questions out of the way.

What Is A SCN?

A secondary credit number(SCN) is a nine-digit number that has the exact same genetic makeup of a Social Security Number. It is simply an available file number at the credit bureaus that can have your financial information reported. You legally have the right to establish this number only once, so do not abuse it. After establishing your SCN number you can use it to open up new lines of credit.

Uses For A SCN?

You can use your new SCN Number for anything that would normally require credit reporting purposes. Use to get Bank Accounts,credit cards, personal loans, Auto loans, apartments, utillities, cable, cell phones, etc. However, This number does not replace your social security number and should not be used for any government purposes such as but not limited to: Military, Child support, DSS, Income/SSI, Taxes, FHA, VA, or any government backed funding. You are still legally responsible for any transactions or obligations you secure with your SCN.

Why It’s Legal?

It is your legal right to keep your Social Security Number private, and use a separate number for any credit related purposes. You can use the existing laws to your advantage for a change. Due to certain rights guaranteed by the (1974 US Privacy Act Title V Click here to see), you have the right to keep your Social Security Number private and not be denied service due to your refusal. The credit bureaus are not government agencies, so you do not have to give them your Social Security Number. To answer the question, YES if used properly. Thousands of people have done it over the past 30yrs and continue to do so.

How do I apply?

Simple just click here or click on the Apply link in the navigation. See you there!